I’m Dounya Adman, I help busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and High-level Athletes lose weight by transforming their eating habits for good.

Before being graduated as a Dietitian in France I was overweight myself and struggling with a chronic disease on a daily basis.

It was very frustrating to be all the time stressed about myself, my work, my tight clothes, my tiredness, and my brain fog.

And I was thinking that my clinical experiences in different hospitals will help me find out the secret of weight loss so I can help people & myself. I've found out that the few solutions in place are:

  • Intensive workout
  • Strange diets & Supplements
  • Weight loss surgery

None of these solutions were safe or sustainable to maintain our whole life. After 7 years of learning about modern & ancestral medicine, I've realized that each food can impact our body differently. In other words, what is healthy and works for you might not work for someone else. So there is nothing more powerful than a personalized approach to help you reach your goal and maintain it easily because it becomes a habit.

  • Helping you lose weight by showing you exactly what to do for your own body forever not just for a few weeks.
  • Creating something simple that is adapted to your own life so it's not draining to follow.
  • Giving you the knowledge you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle forever.

  • Registered Dietitian in Uk & France
  • Member of the French Association of Dietitian Nutritionists
  • Member of the British Dietetic Association
  • Member of the Health and Care Professions Council in the Uk
  • Accredited Coach Leadership by #shemeansbusiness Facebook France and Social Builder
Dounya Adman


Self-confidence, feeling more attractive & Energy in your body for your day-to-day life.


Eating habits to keep your new body and prevent yourself from cardiovascular disease.


To reach your personal & professional goals, instead of stressing about them.


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What I do

A "Done-with-you" service: I privately support busy professionals to lose weight through tailored nutrition & eating habits transformation.

How I do it

  • Deep body & current lifestyle analysis
  • Tailored Nutrition plan
  • Nutritional & Cooking Education
  • Lifestyle Coaching

I help with

  • Stop relying on strange diets, meal replacements, supplements, or too high-intensity workouts to reach your ideal healthy body.
  • Use science & ancestral-based knowledge to transform your eating habits easily & safely to reach your goal.
  • Improve your cognitive performance to focus on your personal & professional goals, instead of feeling stressed about them.

Who is it for

  • Busy professionals
  • High-level athletes
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See our 21 reviews on Google review

Client Case Studies

''I managed to lose 10 kg without any "suffering" ''

No more yo-yo effects and sustainable results!

Angéla S. - Import/Export

Problem: Before we started working together, Angela tried different diets and workouts for a few years. She was always losing a few kilos and gaining them back after a few months. In addition to that, she was always craving sweets.

Solution: We corrected her nutrient deficiencies and leveraged the results with my eating habits transformation approach. We then adjusted the nutrition plan so she stabilise to keep the body she wanted to have for good.

Result: After 12 weeks, she achieve her goal of losing 10kg and implemented new eating habits that enabled her to naturally stop craving sugar and keep her weight off for good.

More strenght, fat loss & defined muscles!

Adil G. High level Athlete

A shared mission for high-level athletes drives Adil: “Increase his physical performance to give the best of himself in competition and win”.  

Problem: Before Adil started working with me, he was frustrated because he was always hurting himself, didn't like the way he looks, and didn't know how to eat to prepare himself for the Olympics games to get more performance, lose fat and accelerate his muscle recovery.

Solution: With my support and strategy, he has been able to lose fat, get more strength and, accelerate his muscle recovery after training.

Result: He has been able to train the way he needed to and feels more confident about himself. What's interesting is even during the covid when he couldn't train intensively he still keep his body. Everything is because he knows how to eat depending on the different activity levels that he has.

''After working with several nutritionists, Dounya Adman was able to fully meet my requirements through her availability, and her commitment which was more than food but also mental. ''

''She was able to adapt to my lifestyle, she made herself available, efficient, and highly competent because she healed me! Even after looking elsewhere for answers for a year, she was MY solution.''

No more food allergies, weight gain, fatigue & eating disorder!

Mary J. Finance

Mary is a single mom of 3 young children working in finance. A busy schedule and a strong food allergy to fruits and nuts.

Problem: Before Mary started working with me, she was divorced and afraid about the future because she felt not confident about herself. She was frustrated because she gained weight and tried many nutritionists but still didn't know how to eat, manage her allergies, working out at the same time as carrying her children.

Solution: We created a nutrition plan as well as a lifestyle plan to facilitate the process with her busy life. The food plan was family-friendly and the children enjoyed it as well! Each food was taking into account her body's needs to support her allergies.

Result: We have been able to get rid of food allergies, lose fat and get her energy back. She is finally able to find time for herself and feels confident & attractive again. Passionate about newborn photography she had been able to focus on building her own business as well.

Want to reverse the ageing of your cells & get a whole new body and mental for good?

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What Clients Say About this Coaching

Dounya built me a diet program to reach my goals of fat loss and muscle gain. I even had classes on macro and micronutrients which helped me enormously to understand how my body uses what I eat! I got results after a few weeks (slimmer waist, increased performance at the gym ...) Many thanks for your coaching, your professionalism, and especially your support! I recommend it to everyone!  

Saidath O. Designer

Dounya is a real professional who knows how to adapt to each client. She takes time to explain how the body works and how she plans the meals so that the clients understand everything to make it easier to implement and follow through even after the end of the program. Her friendliness makes it more comfortable to share how you feel because as we all know, it can be difficult to commit to change. 

Oumou S. Embassy

The programme started 3 months after the birth of my second child at a time when my landmarks were being turned upside down. As a mother of two young children, I struggled to find a rhythm and time for myself. Dounya took the time to understand my situation and my life, taking into account breastfeeding and lack of sleep. We went over the basics of nutrition, reviewed the different food groups, and looked at hydration. Thanks to the weekly check-up that allowed time to put things in place little by little, I established a stable eating routine that was right for me. Dounya was very available and attentive to my needs. As a result, while I was away for 6 months of the programme, after 3 months, I lost my pregnancy weight, regained energy, and returned to work serenely by keeping my new eating routine. Just thank you very much, Dounya.

Djoke D. HR Manager

When I started my program with Dounya, I didn't believe it. It is not that I did not believe in Dounya but rather in me! I had to exercise, and eat healthy vegetables. Something I was don't do at all! ... But thanks to her motivation and listening skills, I managed to lose 10 kg without any "suffering" Dounya perfectly adapts the program according to needs and does not deprive you of anything! These 10 kgs were lost without any frustration! I can never thank her enough; thanks to her, I learned a lot about the body and not taking back what I lost. I feel much better in my body! I highly recommend it; it is pleasant and makes sure you understand your needs while meeting them perfectly!

Angela S. Import export

Dounya Adman is one of the people we are proud to meet! She came into my life just when I had a food allergy and my life seemed unsatisfying! She was able to adapt to my lifestyle, she made herself available, efficient, and highly competent because she healed me! Even after looking elsewhere for answers for a year, she was MY solution. Thanks to her know-how and her knowledge, I apprehend my body, my mind in correlation with my food because one does not go without the other, definitely! And know that even if you have children and little time to devote to cooking, Dounya Adman coaches and challenges you with incredible ease !!!!! To try it is to adopt it, so sincerely go for it: it is time for you to think of yourself!

Mary J. Finance

Our strategy for getting a whole new body sustainably

Get lifetime results with a personalised eating habits transformation based plan

1 Analysis & Diagnosis

Analyzing your eating habits & symptoms to find out the root of your issues & treat them sustainably.

Together, we will find out what your ideal nutrition should be and analyze it, for you to deeply understand the food needed according to reach your ideal state of health.

After this diagnosis, you'll finally have clarity on what to eat to lose weight in an effective and sustainable way.

2 Nutrition & Lifestyle plan

Without sacrificing your favorite friend and family moment nor living in the gym.

It will give you a clear path and structure to follow, to rely on that leads to long-lasting results emotionally and of course physically.

So you are able to get in shape and fit your favorite clothes again step by step and in a healthy way.

3 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle & Keep the weight off

Avoiding the yoyo effect & an unhappy lifestyle that doesn't suit your busy professional life.

Without feeling like having to sacrifice your social life as it shall feel very light and easy.

Keep off the weight in a long term & drop clothing sizes to finally feel confident and attractive in your body again.

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See our 21 reviews on Google review

"The one who understands his body best will stay healthy & balanced emotionally in the long run."

Dounya Adman / Dietitian in Uk & France

This Is How You Can Apply For A Discovery Call With Me

Please note: We can only serve a handful of clients at a time while delivering strong results.

1. You apply for the
free discovery call.

In the first step, you have to click on the button below and complete a short application form. By filling this out, you are giving us some information about your current situation and yourself, so we know how we can help you best.

2. We coordinate an appointment together.

In the last step, we will coordinate an appointment together where we both have 60-90 minutes for the discovery call. In our call, we will analyze your situation and create an individual step-by-step strategy for your current situation.

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See our 21 reviews on Google review

"After working with several nutritionists, Dounya Adman was able to fully meet my requirements through her availability, and her commitment which was more than food but also mental. She was able to adapt my preparation according to my sports trips which were abroad. Dounya Adman responded when I was going through times of weakness. "

- Adil G (High level Athlete)

"Dounya is a really professional and helpful with her job and advice.
I'm with her since a month now to achieve my goal and I can see results and what I was expected. I would really advice anyone in case need for nutritionist consulting and meal plan.
Thank Dounya great job.

- Michele L. Security

"It has been the most fascinating month working with Dounya.
I am an open water swimmer, and we started on a very difficult spot as I was preparing for the crossing of Lake Windermere (11 miles). Against all odds - Dounya worked closely with me to prepare in Nutrition exactly what my body needed to face this race, and the results just spoke for themselves. I won the race but above all, I felt completely different to my previous races, when it came to the feedings, interval and what will help - Dounya prepared a really methodical plan to help me along the way.
We are still working together and now preparing for a bigger challenge. I can honestly recommend Dounya, as she will listen to your needs, work with what your body actually requires, follow through how you are feeling and reacting to the diet and coming along with you to achieve results.
I couldn't be happier I found her :)"

- Elizabeth C. (High level Athlete)


I have little time. How much time do I have to invest?

Almost all of our clients have little time and are very busy with their life. Since this is a "Done-with-you" service, I optimize your plan as efficiently as possible so that the time & effort required from your side is small.

When can I expect the first results?

It usually takes 1 week to properly prepare your weight loss plan. This includes both the Nutrition implementation and lifestyle plan, which will ensure that the results will be as successful as possible. Just after 3 weeks after starting, you will feel the first results in your body & mind.

Is this coaching optimized for people traveling and eating out?

Yes, as it's private coaching you'll be personally advised on what choice you can make when you are out or traveling while still keeping on track and losing weight. Also, I want you to know and learn which food is good for you so you can continue making a good choices even after the coaching.

I got diagnosed with a chronic disease is this a problem?

As we'll analyze your lifestyle according to what you eat and help you change your own eating habits from there, It is not a problem if you have a chronic disease as soon you give us all the information to build a safe and adapted plan for you.

Would you like to learn more about us?

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Dounya Adman

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  • Registered Dietitian in France
  • Member of the French Association of Dietitian Nutritionists
  • Registered Dietitian in the Uk
  • Member of the British Dietetic Association