Sustainable Fat Loss Through Progressive Eating Habits


  • Feel confident & attractive, and feel lighter in the clothes you really want to wear!
  • Find out WHY what you've tried isn't working yet and how to finally lose fat sustainably.
  • How focusing on your lifestyle & eating habits will dramatically increase your results and help you lose fat quickly and sustainably.
  • How to escape the diet mentality wheel and work more ON your long-term health and lifestyle through simple habits implementation and a structured nutrition plan.
  • Case studies of successful implementation of my individual strategies from different lifestyles and health situations.

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Soumaya J.

" I strongly recommend the dietary support offered by Adman Dounya.
From the first session, thanks to her teachings in Ayurvedic medicine, we were able to identify the bad habits that were ingrained before setting up a personalised, realistic, and accessible program.
Thank you Dounya for reconciling me with eating without frustration.
For weight loss, health problems, or simply a Food Reset, Ms. Adman will meet your needs thanks to these multiple tools."

For Whom is this Ebook?

  • Busy professionals & High-level Athletes who want to effectively lose fat.
  • If you want to make your existing lifestyle more healthy.
  • If you want to dramatically increase your results through mindset and eating habits tools.
  • The Ebook reveals the structure & strategies behind my coaching, which I use to help my clients lose fat.
  • Stop burning money on supplements, intensive workout programs, or meal replacements that don't perform and sustain in the long term.
  • From random dangerous approach to healthy results with your own eating habits transformation.

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Ebook Content & Topics

  • Learn how to drastically transform your body using food.
  • Discover how changing your own eating habits can help you consistently lose fat sustainably.
  • Understand which Nutrition and Lifestyle Steps fit your personal situation.

Dounya Adman has personally worked with several busy professionals & high athletes over the last years and helped them to lose fat sustainably by changing their eating & lifestyle habits for good.

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See my 21 reviews on Google Reviews...

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Clients review

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- Saidath O. (Designer)

"Dounya built me a diet program to reach my goals of fat loss and muscle gain. I even had classes on macro and micronutrients which helped me enormously to understand how my body uses what I eat ! I got results after a few weeks (slimmer waist, increased performance at the gym ...) Many thanks for your coaching, your professionalism, and especially your support! I recommend it to everyone!"

- Elizabeth C. (High Level Athlete)

"It has been the most fascinating month working with Dounya.
I am an open water swimmer, and we started on a very difficult spot as I was preparing for the crossing of Lake Windermere (11 miles). Against all odds - Dounya worked closely with me to prepare in Nutrition exactly what my body needed to face this race, and the results just spoke for themselves. I won the race but above all, I felt completely different to my previous races, when it came to the feedings, interval and what will help - Dounya prepared a really methodical plan to help me along the way.
We are still working together and now preparing for a bigger challenge. I can honestly recommend Dounya, as she will listen to your needs, work with what your body actually requires, follow through how you are feeling and reacting to the diet and coming along with you to achieve results.
I couldn't be happier I found her :)

- Michele L. (Security)

"Dounya is a really professional and helpful with her job and advice.
I'm with her since a month now to achieve my goal and I can see results and what I was expected. I would really advice anyone in case need for nutritionist consulting and meal plan.
Thank Dounya great job."

The Author Of This Ebook

Dounya Adman is a Dietitian in France & Nutritionist who is helping people with a complex lifestyle to lose fat sustainably via eating habits transformation approach.

She focuses primarily on creating effective Nutrition & Lifestyle plan by deeply understanding the body needs of her clients, and healing the root of their issues to get sustainable results.

Her clients include busy executives, managers, Entrepreneurs, and also High-level Athletes.

With her knowledge and clinical experiences in Nutrition and ancestral medicine, she helps people that want to lose fat without craving, and spend a lot of time in the kitchen or in the gym.

Dounya Adman

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See my 21 reviews on Google Reviews

Important Info About The Ebook

Is the report a pdf file?

Yes, the report can be downloaded as a pdf version on this page and consists of 9 pages full of valuable content that will help you lose fat sustainably.

For which people are the contents of the Ebook suitable?

The Ebook is designed so that all advice content is applicable to all people looking to start a healthier life. Especially suitable for busy professionals and high-level athletes.

Can the Ebook help me?

It doesn't matter if you already have tried to lose fat or want to start in the future. Dounya Adman shows you personally how you can use certain tools to transform your eating habits to lose fat sustainably.

4 Steps to lose fat sustainably

  • Easy steps to implement no matter how busy you are
  • Start feeling more confident about your image
  • Constantly lose fat without craving, and live in the kitchen or in the gym.

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See my 21 reviews on Google Reviews...